2015 - Present 
The silent art #SDG1 

Unveil the silent art's essence in our extraordinary #IwanTirta Batik Cushions collection. Since 2015, we have been empowered talented artisans from Precious One. Together, we've sold more than 1,000 pieces  of our extraordinary Batik Cushions. Find this collection at our galleries. Your purchase supports our journey, creating a world of endless possibilities.

2020 -  2022
#BerjuangBersama #SDG1

The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred from 2020 to 2022 indeed had a tremendous impact on the global and Indonesian economies, including on batik artisans and their communities.

We initiated the #BerjuangBersama program with friends of Iwan Tirta Private Collection by donating some profits from the sale of curated fabric collections by several Indonesian art and cultural figures. This was aimed at supporting the survival of artisans and communities around the batik industry during the pandemic, ensuring that the art of batik, a pride of Indonesia's heritage, remains sustainable.

2015 - Present
Empowering Women as Batik Artisans to Support Family Economics #SDG5

We committed to proving that women can play a crucial role in supporting their family's economy. Currently, around 600 female #batikartisan are still contributing to preserve the art of batik. 

Our daily commitment includes:

* Ensuring full & effective participation and equal opportunities for women.

* Providing a safe and flexible working environment for women.

2023 - Present Utilizing Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Materials #SDG12

The Earth and the environment is our fundamental responsibility as human living. Tencel, an eco-friendly material derived from renewable wood sources, not only provides comfort but also minimizes environmental impact. Utilizing Tencel exemplifies our commitment to environmental conservation.


2023 - Vision Check-ups and Free Glasses Distribution with Optik Seis #SDG3

In conjunction with "World Sight Day" and "Batik Day" in October, Iwan Tirta Private Collection partnered with Optik Seis to launch a program offering vision check-ups and free glasses for 100 batik artisans in Pekalongan, Central Java. The goal of these complimentary eye check-ups and glasses is to support eye health and enhance the vision of batik artisans, thereby ensuring the production of high-quality #Batik.

2023 - Providing Comfortable Chair for Batik Artisans #SDG3

In December 2023, Iwan Tirta Private Collection provided chairs designed for comfort and support the work processes of batik artisans. The comfort and work-health of batik artisans are our priorities, aligning with our vision and mission, not only to preserve the art of batik in Indonesia but also to produce the batik itself with the best quality.



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